Eurofurence 26
August 24-28, 2022
Dealers' Den

Tables Have Been Assigned!

We have finished processing the dealer registrations. While we have tried to strike a good balance between assigning the reqested table space, and getting as may of you a space in the Dealers' Den, we still had to decline a few registrations. Again, these decisions have not been made based on the time you registered.

We do keep a waiting list, though. Even if you didn't get a table now, there might still be a chance if somebody has to cancel theirs.

You should have received an email from us telling you whether we were able to get you a space in the Dealers' Den.

We Need More Information!

Like last year, there's going to be a smartphone app for the convention guests. We will have a list of all dealers in there, and there is going to be a separate page for each of you with detailed information about you as well as your art, merchandise, or services.

So we'd like to ask you to provide us with some more information. This time, you can simply enter it into our registration system. Log in with your Eurofurence registration information, and fire away! :-)

>> Enter Your Information <<

As usual, if you have any questions regarding the Dealers' Den, please contact the Dealers' Den Management.